Monday, April 16, 2007

Motherfuckers "The Mother of All Fuckers" CD

This CD is a collection of the first CD ep and some material that the band was working on before Rich William's untimely death in 2006. The song "Lost" was written about Rich. The songs on here are:
1. Too Dumb To Live
2. Lost
3. Mama Tried
4. Just Punk Rock
5. E.M.O.
6. Jerk-Around Queen
7. I'm Gonna Go Postal
8. Bomb the Stampede
9. Suicide
10. Designated Drinker
11. Let's Talk About Turkey
12. Winner's circle
13. Pissed in the Pit
14. Rock Bottom
15. Apathy & Boredom
16. Ode to Beer
17. Anarchy in the Girls' Room
18. Somethin' Else

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