Monday, April 18, 2011

Radio - Sunday, April 20, 2011

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This was our fundraising show and there was a lot of special guests that came in. ZA special dedication went out to lasha and Jimmy on their new baby boy Zenon. We spoke with Don Pyle, Tank, Zero, Mickey Skin, Cleave Anderson, Rude Van Steenes, Marcel Lefleur, Pete Jones, the Blue Demon, Dhaibid James, Pete Mahoney, and Greg Benedetto. Thank you to all who pledged and helped us reach our goal in the "Love Your Radio" campaign. We appreciate it and are looking into an echo chamber.

LORRAINAS – Johnny (Self-Released)

TYRANNA – Johnny (Boppa Do Down)
ZRO 4 – Disgusting (Unreleased)
THE CURSE – I Accuse You (Other People’s Music)

THE VILETONES – Screamin’ Fist (CIUT)
TEENAGE HEAD – Little Boxes (Sonic Unyon)
DREAM DATES – The Mess You’re In (CIUT)

999 – Action (Captain Oi!)
ARSON – Coho Coho (CIUT)

CAREER SUICIDE – Jonzo’s Leaking Radiation (Deranged)
KEEP IT UP – Keep It Up (Feelin’ It)
ENVISION - Support your Scene

BLACK FAXES – Upon the Vine (CIUT)
JOHNNY ONSLAUGHT – I Kick My Bike and it kicks Me Back (Unreleased)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – I Do Nothing (Deranged)
GORILLA BISCUITS – Start Today (Revelation)
SCREAM – It Came Without Warning (Dischord)

JFA – I Don’t Like You (Placebo / Alternative Tentacles)
DOA – The Enemy (Sudden Death)


DISFEAR – Get It Off
- Brick Wall
- Fucked Up

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