Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gunnar Hansen / U.T.I. split LP

Gunnar Hansen were this incredible hardcore band from Hamilton that broke up in 2008 just after the first five songs on this split were recorded. The band took a few cues from 9 Shocks Terror but have a heavier sound because they had two guitarists. Having said that you get songs like "Phil's Song" which totally sounds like a song you hope FUCKED UP would write. I also love how this band has captured some great bits about Hamilton with the tribute to Phil Fader and the tribute to the city itself in the song "Hammered". It makes sense that a label from the same city is putting this out. I miss this band, but here are some recordings frm the vaults. The other three songs were recorded around the same time that the ep was recorded and I remember hearing them on our show because the band brought them in. Great to hear them on vinyl finally. There songs are:
1. To an End
2. Phil's Song
3. I Love Love You
4. Hammered
5. My Crimes
6. These Walls
7. Sk8 Song

Urinary Tract Infection are a Toronto band that have had a low profile as of late because Leah and Chad just gave birth to their daughter. On this line up the band was working with Aaron who played drums in BAD SKIN, with exception for the song A. Fish which had their originally drummer Conrad. I might also add that this is the only song frm the demo, the rest are all new. Leah's vocals project that tasmanian style of bands like the Accused and Beyond Possession. She sounds crazed. The music draws on a variety of sound sof hardcore. Like the song "Dumb then Dead" which is super fast and plays with tempo changes which sits next to a song like "Klabolitermannikin" which is slower paced and played with some heavyiness from the rhythm section while Chad runs havoc with this disharmonic guitar ringing over the top of everything. He sounds like he is playing in Articles of Faith and Youth of Today simultaneously. There songs are:

1. Commodity
2. Fake as Fuck
3. Dumb then Dead
4. Klaebouter Manniken
5. A. Fish

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