Thursday, April 14, 2011

CIUT Fundraising

On Sunday April 17th, Equalizing-X-Distort will be involved in CIUT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Starting at 10:00pm, we will be asking you to support the radio station by becoming or renewing your membership with CIUT as a “Friend of 89.5 FM”. A $25.00 donation will allow CIUT to continue bringing punk and underground hardcore to the airwaves.
Equalizing-X-Distort is a two hour hardcore show that airs every Sunday night from 10:00 pm til midnight. We have been very lucky to be able to continue bringing you hardcore from emerging international scenes, which has always been a big part of the show. We are contacting you because we think you listen.
CIUT, the radio station that we program EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT on, is in a situation where we have to fundraise, in order to be able to make up the difference in our operating expenses. Needles on turntables wear down, CD decks are constantly in use and need servicing, and the radio antenna requires regular upkeep and maintenance.
I am getting in touch, to see if you would make a pledge donation to become a “Friend of 89.5” on behalf of EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT, to help the station meet our operating expenses.
The station would also like to thank you for your gift. For folks who donate a certain amount we have a unique station gift for you. For a gift of:

__ $50.00+: “Love Your Radio” T-shirt
                  __ Small, __ Medium, __ Large, __ X-Large
__ $150+: Special collector edition T-shirt
                 __ Small, __ Medium, __ Large, __ X-Large
__ $200.00+: “Love Your Radio” T-shirt and Special collector edition T-shirt
                __ Small, __ Medium, __ Large, __ X-Large
Ways you can make a donation include :

• to go to the CIUT website and make a pledge on line at

• Fill out the attached PDF form and mail it in to CIUT 89.5FM at 89.5 Tower Road, 7 Hart House Circle / Toronto, ON / M5S 0A2 / Canada.

• E-mail the PDF form to

• to phone on Sunday April 17th at (416) 946-7800 or 1-888-204-8976 between 10:00 pm and midnight.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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