Monday, April 11, 2011

Radio - Sunday, April 10th, 2011

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SPECTRES – Pattern Recognition (Charged//Distorted)
THE UGLY – No Place to Go
AMSTERDAMNED – Melting Pot (Gummopunx)
NO PROBLEM – Sound of Going Too Far (Handsome Dan)
BROKEN NECK – Fights Over Nothing (Art Fraud)
CONFIDENCE MEN – Catching Flies (Art Fraud)

RADIO BIRDMAN - Non-Stop Girls (4 Men with Beards)
RAYON BEACH - The Memory Teeth (Hozac)
MUMMIES - Uncontrollable Urge (Bootleg)
OFF - I Don't Belong (Vice)
THE GIRLS - Lord Augh (Hozac)

ORDER – Kajome (HG Fact)
BACKSLIDER – Some Kind of Moron (Blastcat)
OTTAWA LP - They Own Us (Residue)
TV FREAKS demo - Four Wheels (Self-Released)
UNLEARN demo – Panopticon (Self-Released)
XBRAINIAX – Blatant Localism (To Live a Lie)
REHASHED– Good, That’s Perfect (Self-Released)
CHIEFS – No Justice (Dr. Strange)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Summer Time Coffee (Deranged)
HERO DISHONEST– Men at a Park (if society)

TOTAL TRASH - No York (Self-Released)
SCHOOL JERKS - Ready to Die (Cowabunga)

XFILESX - Put Your Money Where your Mouth Is
ART OF CHOKING - Merse Nummes
VOID - Go South
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Suicides an Alternative
BANDERA - Large Father
RIOT SQUAD - Police Power (Captain Oi!)

CITY SWEETHEARTS - War in my Head (P Trash)
REGISTRATORS - Terminal Boredom (Rip Off)
IVBIDDEN - Sick and Lonely (Norton)
TR5 - Til the End of the Day (Astray)
CRAMPS - Love Rubbed Off (Bootleg)

THE OUTS - Girlfriends (Self-Released)
THE OUTS - Get Creeped (Self-Released)
THE OUTS - Boy Scout (Self-Released)
THE OUTS - Just Can't Wait (Self-Released)

THE OUTS - The Outs (Self-Released)
THE OUTS - Rebel Girl (Self-Released)

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