Monday, April 4, 2011

Radio: Sunday, April 3, 2011

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FROSTBACKS – Takin’ Back Maine (True North Records)
SORRY EXCUSE – Grow Up (Third Party)
ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE – Legacy (Third Party)
HERATYS – Sokeat Seuraajat (La Familia)
CRUDE – Carry It Through Now and Tomorrow (La Familia)
BROKEN – Uprising (Blind Destruction)
IL DISAGIO – Cops (Hanged Man)

KING KHAN AND THE BBQ SHOW - Waddlin' Around (In the Red)
RIP OFFS - Zodiac (Pure Filth)
LEATHER UPPERS - Sexy Time (Goner)
X - Simulated Lovers (Rock n Roll Blitzkreig)

BACKSLIDER – Half Ass Disguise (Blastcat / To Live a Lie)
SFN – Boy (Drugged Conscience)
FUCK ON THE BEACH – Choose Death (HG Fact)

KREIGSHOG - Purpose (HG Fact)
REALITY CRISIS – Personal Anarchism (HG Fact)
ALLIANCE – Cry Earth (HG Fact)

SONS OF ISHMAEL - Sex Class Riles Mom (Sellout Activities)
SCHOOL JERKS - 4-F (Cowabunga)
DESTRUCTORS666 - Reality (Rowdy Farrago)
TRACTOR SEX FATALITY - Bucketful (Big Neck)
NO BUNNY - Apple Tree (Burger)

RED KROSS - Annette's Got the Hits (Frontier)
X - We're Desperate (Dangerhouse)
ADOLESCENTS - Rip It Up (Frontier)
CIRCLE JERKS - Live Fast Die Young (Frontier)
BL'AST - Fuckin' with my Head (SST)
POISON PLANET - Eyes Wide Open (Third Party)
BOILING OVER - Consume Me (Third Party)

UNLEARN - Faceless Bastards (Self-Released)
UNLEARN - A Blade (Self-Released)
UNLEARN - Death Comes to You (Self-Released)
UNLEARN - Minds to Graveyards (Self-Released)
UNLEARN - Panopticon (Self-Released)
UNLEARN - Death in Life (Self-Released)

ALBERT FISH – Raise Your Head (Your Poison)

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