Monday, April 17, 2006

Radio - Sunday, April 16, 2006

SEXHEAD - Shes Hardcore (Sexhead)

I SPOKE - Selling the Myth of Nationalism (Tuned to You)
BURIAL - Heart is Truth (Heart First)
FROM ASHES RISE - Concrete & Steel (Skuld)
TRIOXIN 245 - Religious War (Counter/Act)

TRANZMITORS - Glamour Girls (Deranged)
VEE DEE - Friendly Radiation (Criminal I.Q.)
NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Cold Touch of Death (Backwards Masking)
BRAIN HANDLE - The Dilemma (self-released)
GORILLA ANGREB - Pa Patrulje (Feral Ward)

Studio 3 Session
SEXHEAD - Left Alone (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - She Aint No Tease (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Back to 17 (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Where Do We Go (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Can't Get Further (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Around You (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Not Like Everybody Else (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Bleed and Cry (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Baby Its Time for You to Go (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Get in the Car (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Since Ive Seen You (Goblin)
SEXHEAD - Interview (CIUT)
SEXHEAD - Rotten to the Core (Goblin)

I OBJECT - Intra Muros (Black Noize)
GUNNAR HANSEN - Fuck Your Feelings (Audio Fellatio)
BLANK STARE - What I Was Born with (Cliff Demedeiros)
DUDMAN - Fight or Flight (625 Productions)
AND THE SAGA CONTINUES - Dealers of Pain and Suffering

D.I.R.T. - Listen Morons (Profane Existence)
VIOLATORS - Live Fast Die Young (Captain Oi!)
VICE SQUAD - Times They are a Changin (Cherry Red)
RIOT 99 - Last Years Youth (Nerve Agent)
MENACE - Society Still Insane (Captain Oi!)
SHAM 69 - Ulster (Captain Oi!)

Demo Feature
THE YOUTHS - Were the Youths (Self-Released)
THE YOUTHS - Alone and Smiling (Self-Released)
THE YOUTHS - Decontrol (Self-Released)
THE YOUTHS - My End (Self-Released)
THE YOUTHS - The Walls (Self-Released)
THE YOUTHS - Zombie Youth (Self-Released)

BILL BONDSMEN - Lungs Seize (Acme)

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