Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday, April 23, 2006

BORN DEAD - Assault (Tank Crimes)

April 2006, Top 10
BEGINNING OF THE END - Frankenstein Conquers the World (Sick of Talk)
FALLOUT - In the Gutter (Longshot Music)
DEAD STOCK CRUSHER - Running Today (Hit the Deck)
CRUCIAL ATTACK - Puttin the clit Back in the Pit (Third Party)
INSTANT ASSHOLE - Ate My Rent / Straight Edge Failure (Tank Crimes)
OUT WITH A BANG - Circles (Vida Loca)
MY OWN LIES - Eigener dynamo aka graf zahl (Peculio Discos)
STRAIGHT TO HELL - A Toast to new beginnings (Gloom)
SECOND OPINION - Fight Back (625 Productions)
I SHOT CYRUS - Kapitaslistik Deth (Peculio Discos)

HI-FIs - Look What Youve Done (Show Time)
THE ZIPS - Over and Over (Bootleg)
BUREAUCRATS - Feel the Pain (No Exit)
THE STRIKE - Airwaves (Half-Mast)
MARKED MEN - On the Outside (Dirtnap)

DEADFALL - Counting (Tank Crimes)
CHRONIC SEIZURE - Fly South (Fashionable Idiots)
BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON - Ill Never get It (Reaper)
MOMENT OF YOUTH - Dimidiate (Firestarter)
PELIGRO SOCIAL - Pesadilla (Tank Crimes)

SKATE KORPSE - Skate Hospital (Art of the Underground)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Walking Dead (No Way)
WASTED TIME - Cant Go Back (Grave Mistake)
TERMINAL STATE - Im Terminal (Deranged)

KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS - Hes Gonna Get You (Goner)
ANGRY ANGLES - Things are Moving (Shattered)
FEELERS - School Jerks (P-Trash)
ZRO4 - Gimme Attention (Punk History Canada)
ZERO BOYS - Trying Harder (Rifleman)
DREAM DATES - Heartattack Rhythm (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
DISCORDS - N.D.G. (No Exit)

Demo Feature
TRIOXIN 245 - We Need Your Voice
TRIOXIN 245 - Exploité au salaire minimum
TRIOXIN 245 - Protest and Survive (Varukers)
TRIOXIN 245 - Fashion Punk(core)
TRIOXIN 245 - The Red Phones Ringing
TRIOXIN 245 - Warmachine (Anti-Cimex)
TRIOXIN 245 - They can Wipe you Out
TRIOXIN 245 - Démentibulér
TRIOXIN 245 - In Despair (Disclose)
TRIOXIN 245 - On sen Kaliss
TRIOXIN 245 - Police Bastard (Doom)
TRIOXIN 245 - Whos Hot
TRIOXIN 245 - Born 20 Years Too Late
TRIOXIN 245 - Machine de guerre (Anti-Cimex)
TRIOXIN 245 - No TV Sketch (Discharge)

GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE - Big Fat Baloney Sandwich (Burrito)

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