Saturday, October 18, 2008

Teenage Head “with Marky Ramone” CD

So it's review time again and I have been scratching my head. Yes I have been getting a lot of music in but really can’t think of anything to write about. Blame it all on this fuckin disc. It’s been in the car CD player for the past 6 weeks and has been played everyday on my way to and from work. The HEAD nail it. At first it was like listening to a covers record. The drums are a bit more driving than i recall them being. The vocals a bit more matured. But it's fuckin’ TEENAGE HEAD with Marky Ramone playing all of their hits and a few I missed because it was on some newer LP that i didn't buy. These songs sound as fresh today as they did when they were first released. Top notch production. Bang on playing and Frankie nails each and every song. Goddamn I wish this was on vinyl. (Sonic Unyon)

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