Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Endless Blockade “Primitive” LP

Welcome to hell and the BLOCKADE are the house band!! Toronto’s most consistent band doesn’t disappoint with their new 12”. The last few times I saw the band they either played along with a noise artist or incorporated some noise into there set and this new 12” sure as hell start with some noise before getting down to their hardcore roots. It doesn’t matter if the band is playing slow as fuck, tree sapping sludge or tornado speed blast beats the band pounds away at a primal message. The packaging is pretty top notch and well the lyrics had me memorized and before I new it the goddamn record either had to be turned over or was finished. I’m not sure why you are still reading this review you should be out locating this lp. (20 Buck Spin – P.O. Box 136 / 120 State Avenue NE / Olympia, WA / 98501 / USA) - CC

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