Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pulling Teeth “Martyr Immortal” LP

“Martyr Immortal” is PULLING TEETH’s follow up to the “Vicious Skin” 10”. PULLING TEETH are Maryland’s answer to LEFT FOR DEAD. “Martyr Immortal” continues to contain frantic hardcore anthems complete with downtuned heaviness. Think ACRID, ABOUT TO SNAP, and INTEGRITY all rolled up into one band. Breakdown mayhem with a punk social conscious. And Jeff Beckman’s artwork graces their second releases as well, which is appropriate considering CHOKEHOLD was the band that developed this sound and HAYMAKER was the band that perfected it. PULLING TEETH is fronted by Mike Riley of those spitfires the SPARK. Domenic Romeo is the guitarist that brought all this together and brings the heaviness to the equation. Dom played in DATY OR MOURNING when he lived north of the 49th and moved to Maryland to be in a heavier moshcore band, but as they demised Dom put together the band that he always wanted to be in … LEFT FOR DEAD meets INTEGRITY. This latest release tops the first. (A389 Recordings – P.O. Box 12058 / Baltimore, MD / 21281 / USA / – SP

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