Saturday, October 18, 2008

Double Negative “Outstanding Achievements in the Fields of Excellence” ep

This is another outstanding barrage of noise and complicated parts driven hardcore. I hate to continue to say it but they totally remind me of “Eye for An Eye” era C.O.C. There hardcore is very impact driven and complicated with it’s twists and turns, but not so complicated that you can’t enjoy it. Not like DILLENGER ESACPE PLAN. More like early C.O.C. And Kevin still sounds like an early Blaine Cook more like when he was in the FARTZ. All the right things about hardcore before it was ruined by crossover. And if three great ragers wasn’t enough the punch out spray paint stencil that the cover becomes is ingenious. In an interview I did with them Scott talked about wanting to make a logo that could be spray painted easily on walls kind of like the FUCKED UP logo. Well this packaging is an attempt to make that easier. What can you say about a release so over the top like this (Sorry State Records c/o Daniel Lupton / 1102 N Greensboro Street / Carrboro, NC / 27510 / USA / – SP

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