Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let’s Dance “Summer Breeze’ ep

LET’S DANCE are Stabmonton’s latest party band. Growing up under the mentorship of WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES the band has caught the TRANZMITORS fire of making new wave cool again. And don’t confuse them with some homage to Bowie’s comeback because you will be disappointed, although SWEET fans should be prepared to be knocked out by their “Fox on the Run” cover. “Summer Breeze” does have a PISTOLS cover on here, which was inspired by a scene in “The Filth and the Fury”. But the band’s originals are far more inspiring. And they have a demo that knocks me more on my ass. I prefer the B-side song “Today” which demonstrates the band’s ability to use back up vocals. And watching them live they remind me of the CLASH. In fact one of their songs actually rips of the drum intro of “Tommy Gun”. LET’s DANCE have loads of humour laced in their melodic hardcore. The band pays attention to detail for any joke. The packaging involves impressive swirl vinyl, a poster and 3-D glasses with the band’s logo on them. And the band explained how the inside picture on the sleeve is a take off of a shot found in a MALIBU KENS 7” who were one of Edmonton’s original punk bands. These young un’s look back to more forward. (Longshot Music – 980 Harrison Street / San Francisco, CA / 94107 / USA / . The songs on here are:

1. Summer Breeze
2. Today
3. Bodies (Sex Pistols cover)

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