Sunday, October 12, 2008

Radio - Sunday, October 12, 2008

FRENETICS - Countdown Radio (Fans of Bad Productions)

HI DUMMY - Ponytails From Hell (Fans of Bad Productions)
SWALLOWING SHIT - If they Hated Me, they Will hate You (Fans of Bad Productions)
ATTACK AND DECAY - Back to Bed (Fans of Bad Productions)
PROPAGHANDI - The overtly Political, But Oh So Intensely Personal Song (Fans of Bad Productions)
BLUNDERMEN - 309 and Beyond (Fans of Bad Productions)

WHITE LUNG - Magazines (Deranged)
DEFEKTORS - Doomsday Girl (Nominal)
JERK WITH A BONE - Knife Fight, But Why ? (Global Symphonic)
VAPID - Sex Stain / Die (Nominal)

LURCH - Fist Me with Your Wrizstwatch On (Smilin' Skull)
TRANZMITORS - Who's Gonna Tell Mary (Deranged)
DIGITAL LEATHER - Styrofoam (Goner)
NUSENSAE - Don't Panic (Nominal)
MUTATORS - Police Eyelash (Nominal)
VANCOUGAR - Distance (Mint)

BLIGHT - Prophet of Doom (Touch 'n Go)
THE FIX - Celebre (Touch 'n Go)
ADRENALIN O.D. - Old People Talk Loud (Buy Our Records)
THE CRAWLERS - Kill the Elephant (Blind Spot)
AVSKUM - Dagar (Prank)
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE - Prayer (ebullition)
KURSK - Fucked from Birth (Scab Bomb)
WADGE - Seasick in Hawaii (Scab Bomb)
SONOROUS GALE - Modesty forbids (Self-Released)
MELT BANANA - Shield for Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well on Your Hand (A-Zap)
TWIN CRYSTALS - Trinity (Nominal)
OUTPATIENTS - Backwards Explanation (Flipside)

SUSPECT PARTS - 17 Television (Deranged)
J CHURCH - Psycho Mafia (Snuffy Smile)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Teach Me Sex (Riff Raff)
THE UGLY - To Have Some Fun (Redrum)
VELVET CLAWS - High Horse (Unreleased)

Demo Feature
DEAF MUTATIONS - Crash the Clubs (Sewercide)
DEAF MUTATIONS - Mutation Shuffle (Sewercide)
DEAF MUTATIONS - My Feces, Part 1 (Sewercide)

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