Saturday, October 18, 2008

Running For Cover “Dark Well” LP

RUNNING FOR COVER was this incredible power violence band started a couple of years back by this historical convergence of musical talents in the bombed out city of Buffalo. Mike Gifford of the former SLAVE STATE had moved back to Buffalo from North Carolina. Mike met up with Eric Ellman who sang for THEY LIVE and has played in so many awesome bands to come out of Buffalo that it would be stupid to begin to name them here. But a family tree could be made and linked to Eric suffice it to say. Dave Bailey, of PROJECT GRIZZLY was recruited for bass. All three bands had an affection for power violence so in a way RUNNING FOR COVER was a way of getting back to their respective roots. I’m not sure where Pat came from but his lyrics are tortured and emphasis the brutality of human nature. It was like an aligning of power violence stars. Planets not rock stars. RUNNING FOR COVER play ultra-core with the precision and speed of NO COMMENT and the pummeling nature of the ENDLESS BLOCKADE. The band thanks IRON LUNG for inspiration which provides some clues. The record is over before you know it which is a good sign in my books. And it does fill out both sides of a 12”, it’s just the songs don’t let you get to into them before they are off on another tangent and structure. This is not for the indie rockers and the idiots who try and write a song. This is for those painfully aware of the shittiness around them. It’s a dman shame this is a posthumous release. (625 Productions - // Art of the Underground - - SP

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