Sunday, May 8, 2011

Various Artists “Law and Disorder” CD

This is a comp put together by the High Art for the Down Low folks. It is a benefit for the modern day “Books to Prisoners” movement. And this comp comes with a great leaflet that gives you the stats to help you realize that most convicts are prisoners of circumstance and that education could have made the difference in a lot of their lives. But with the conservative wave over the past few years those kinds of opportunities have been made out of reach for ordinary people and prisons are being built at alarming rates which makes a comp like this even more important these days. There are songs by well known bands like BESTHOVEN, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and BEHIND ENEMY LINES and then there are songs by new bands like PARASYTIC, NAPATHY, and UNBROKEN BONES, who I would give best name on the comp to. There are bands from Canada like GERM ATTAK and MASS GRAVE and international bands like CONTRAVENE and SJU AVAR AR, and FUTURE RUINS who are contributing to these efforts here in Canada. This is a well put together set of songs. Lots of diversity all focused on making a difference. This is the stuff I love to see coming out of the punk scene. My only regret is not having some information about the bands or how to get in touch with them, but that is minor and the cause does remind front and center. (High Art for the Low Down – 54 Bellevue Avenue / Toronto, ON / M5T 2N4 / Canada)

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