Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flyer - Wednesday May 4, 2011

We are very excited to announce a new slew of guests for the launch of Trouble In The Camera Club, the forthcoming book by Don Pyle.

Mike Belitsky, Sean Dean and Dallas Good of The Sadies will perform a set of the best of first-wave Toronto punk rock.

Joining them will be guest vocalists Martin Farkas of those precocious kids Career Suicide; Chris Colohan, the awesome voice of Burning Love; Damian Abraham, international sex symbol and frontperson for Fucked Up, and the legendary Caroline Azar of groundbreaking musical gang Fifth Column. Teenage Head are spotlighted in the book with a selection of images that pre-date their debut album, and we are fortunate to be joined by Gord Lewis, lead guitarist and songwriter of that band.

The evening will begin at 8pm with Don Pyle's Out-of-Focus Talking Slide Show. A rare live performance by the always epic The Ugly will follow and the evening will conclude with Belitsky, Dean, Good and heavy friends.

The launch is Wed May 4 at The Garrison. Admission is $8 or free with book purchase.

Here is the cover of the single that was sold at the book launch. Side A is at a Viletones show and is a recording of the crowd going wild. A fIght breaks out and tables get flipped. Side B is a radio documentary about punk from back in the day. It gives you perspective of what people thought back then. This was limited to 250 copies. 

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