Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crystal Mess “Worms of the Earth” CD

CRYSTAL MESS are a crossover band from Calgary in the vein of the ACCUSED. There are lots of horror references, the cover looks like a Martha Splatterhead type character, the vocals are gargled and the guitar work is raging. I also contemplate whether there is some kind of connection to BEYOND POSSESSION given that CRYSTAL MESS are from Calgary. They play shows with bands like SHEGLANK’D SHOULDERS and credit bands like POISON IDEA and UNWANTED in their influences list. They also have VENOM and MOTORHEAD. This is a band born too soon and should have come out in 1985. Incredible, like when DFA came out with their first 12”. A band that destroys for a smaller scene that no one would have heard of. They have a facebook page so you can find them that way. The songs on here are:

1. House of Hell
2. Kamikaze
3. Fuck Work
4. Touch of Death
5. Cannon Fodder
6. Blood Soaked
7. Rat River
8. Worms of the Earth
9. Patchwork Human
10. Ten Times

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