Monday, May 23, 2011

Radio: Sunday, May 22, 2011

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INFECT PROPAGANDA – Zero Hour (Crastyass)

BRAIN F= - Symptom Set (Grave Mistake)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR – Litty oh Litty (Red Lounge)
NIGHT BIRDS – Unanswerable (Grave Mistake)
DEEP SLEEP – Be With You (Grave Mistake)
BRADY’S PROBLEM – VPD (Crastyass / Absolute Underground)

BARRACUDAS - Don't Let Go (Bomp)
THE FREEZE - American Town (Modern Method)
SNFU - She's Not on the Menu (BYO)
DR. KNOW - Citizens of the World (Ghetto Way)
FRATRICIDE - Going Under (Ugly Pop / Schizophrenic)

COKE BUST – Keep Out (Grave Mistake)
SPASTIC PANTHER – (I Don’t Believe in) Moderation (Handsome Dan)
POISON PLANET – Undermine (Third Party)
AVFART 33 – Punkhierarki (Aborted Society / Undislessed / Halvfabrikat)
TEENAGE RAMPAGE – Sick of the Cold (Handsome Dan)

SLOW - Have Not Been the Same (Zulu)
BORN AGAINST - Well Fed Fuck (Vermiform)
MELVINS - Night Goat (Amphetamine Reptile)
CHOKEHOLD - Anchor (Bloodlink)
AVAIL - Connection (Catheter Assembly)

DS-13 - Fuk Your Gods (Insect)

UPRIGHT CITIZENS - I Hate Church (Hartcore)
HATED YOUTH - Ban the Bible (Burrito)
MUSTANGS - Salvation Free (Self-Released)
RUPTURE - Toilet Paper Bible (Rhetoric)
GERMS - No God (Slash)

OXBLOOD - Police (Headache)
OMNIPRESENT DISEASE - Fuck You (Daeck-Chords)
URBAN BLIGHT - Total War (Static Shock)
OMEGAS - Peasant Dance (Deranged)
RIGHTEOUS JAMS - Bust It (Kung Fu)
SCHOOL JERKS - Control (Cowabunga)
PERSONA AND THE PIECES - Brass Knuckles (1,2,3,4, Go!)

WEAK LINK – Trip Wire (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – The World Still Turns (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Our Loss (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Last Rung (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Shaky Ground (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Shot in the Foot (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Broken Gears (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Inevitable Backslide (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Hand It Over (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – What Goes Up Must Come Down (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Waiting at the Bottom (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Nothing There (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – The Last Straw (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Running Backwards (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Bullshit Evolution (Self-Released)
WEAK LINK – Reality’s Truncheon / Weak Link (Self-Released)

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