Friday, May 6, 2011

Class of 1984 CD

This is a new band from Victoria, BC and it looks like they are made up of a couple of guys from the Jaks skate “team”. The first song on this CD sums up the band “it’s been 26 years now and the scene in 1984 was pretty tight …. They are on a mission of old school tradition”. So you’ve got some geezers kick it old school but from a punk standpoint with a bunch of originals and covers of 7 SECONDS and TURBONEGRO. The songs are simple expressions of how much they love punk. There is nothing better or more honest than songs about how much one loves punk. No hidden political agendas, no recruitment, no soap boxing, just expressions about how great punk is. I have lots of love for the CLASS of 1984. So what do they sound like. The punk of melodic and catchy with gang choruses. I think of early YOUTH BRIGADE meets the MOTHERFUCKERS. The songs on here are:

1. Old Bones New Blood
2. Sick City Boys
3. Gig Shoe
4. Picked a Fight with Satan
5. Class of 1984
6. Change the Key
7. Sour Grapes
8. Black Chrome

(Bullitt Records)

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