Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update: Saturday May 7, 2011

We recorded a studio 3 session with Swindled. They brought a number of archival pieces that we have been able to upload and add to the blog. The first bits of material are zines that the singer used to do called Pickering Punk. Issue 1 came out in March 1978 and can be downloaded at Issue 2 has more information about Dole Q and a review of the Curse's ep. It can be found at

The guitarist for the Swindled, Jaimie Vernon, was able to send us flyers and photos for a number of early shows that Swindled played in 1981 so these flyers and photos have been back dated to their show dates. Have a look under the Swindled section to pull them up. A photo abum on the EXD facebook page has collected these same flyers and photos, just not in grouped posts. We will be posting up the Studio 3 session next week and the session will be aired on Sunday May 15th with the interview.

Also inspired by the Sadies sets at the launch party for Trouble in the Camera Club I have put up the Brutal Knights interview we did with the band back on Sunday November 12th, 2004. I think this might have been Brutal Knight's first interview. You can listen to the interview at

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