Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update: Saturday, May 28, 2011

Over the Holiday Monday I had some time to get organized on missing Studio 3 sessions. There is quite a bit. So this week we have put up the following sessions:

- The Vapids are at
- Margaret Trasher at
- Living Darkness at
- Cheetah Chrome from the Dead Boys. He played here a few years back with the Screwed and Cleave was able to get us a session with this group. The recording is up at
- Nitad from Stockholm played on the show in the summer of 2009. Their recording is up at
- Let's Dance from Edmonton played the Tyranna record release and did a studio 3 session the next day. Their session is up at

I also noticed that artwork was missing for Studio 3 sessions. So you can get artwork for the following sessions:

- Teenage Head at
- Hostage Life at
- About to Snap at
- Hardcharger at
- Terminals at

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