Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update: Saturday, May 21, 2011

Last week, when we posted up the Vicious Cycle studio 3 recording I realized their releases had not been posted. So I went and back posted their releases based roughly on when they came out. I also found out in the Knucklehead interview that there is a band from Vancouver with a similar name Vicious Cycles who love motorcycles. It came up in the interview when talking about "The First Kick" which is about Kyle's love of motorcycles.

Last week we interviewed the Tranzmitors from Vancouver for a future broadcast. This week we spoke with Karen Jankulak and Bruce Gosebee from the bands the Babyslitters and the V-Necks. Both bands are part of this city's early punk scene and part of the untold story only talked about at reunions. Karen brought in some flyers for the V-Necks shows so those have been scanned and posted by date of the show. Search "THE V-NECKS" filter. This interview should be going to air in a couple of weeks. We have an interview scheduled with Jennifer Morton who wrote the book "Dirty Drunk and Punk", which is a book about BFG. Crazy Steve has agreed to be part of that.

The new Tyranna LP just came out. The LP contains a bunch of unheard of recordings by the band and I believe represents the rest of the unreleased studio recordings. You should search this out through Rave Up Records. I think Johnny Bubblegum is building a facebook page for the band so more will be posted up there in the coming weeks.

I also back posted the review for Trouble in the Camera Club. What a great book. You can find the review here

Don Pyle was able to clean up the scan on the issues of Pickering Punk so it has been replaced with the download at and These versions are much easier to read.

I made a CD cover for the Swindled session which can be found at

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