Sunday, May 2, 2010

DFA “Discography 2000 – 2004” CD

I am glad to see these Saskatoon ragers get their due. A discography was certainly in order especially because their releases came out all over the place. This CD collects all the full lengths, splits and some hard to find demo tracks. But this collection doesn’t tell the story of this crossover band from a little prairie town. I think that it must have been tough being into hardcore and growing up in a city isolated in the middle of Canada known for farming. Saskatoon is not a farming city per se but it’s whole existence is based around farming and potash. Somehow these kids who raged as hard as BEYOND POSSESSION came out of there. I only know them for the 12” they did with Ugly Pop. In an interview that we did with them I found out that they were huge fans of LEFT FOR DEAD. Who wasn’t back at the turn of the century. That certainly explains their cover of “Pliant” on the second CD that was released on “Defy False Authority”. They do a respectable job of it, but Kramer’s speedy riff chugging certainly put them in a class with MUNICIPAL WASTE, HOLIER THAN THOU and BONES BRIGADE, who they would do a split with. They were a diamond in the rough. Their music played at a speed thrash pace. It was heavy as fuck. And Mike could scream as fast as they could play. 29 songs of raging crossover.

The first bit is from the 12" on Ugly Pop and the songs are:

1. Destined for Assimilation

2. With a Straight Face
3. Hypocrite
4. Nerve

5. Our Lord and Saviour
6. Your Form of Unity
7. Under the Influence
8. I IKNow Everything

The next material was the :Defy False Authority" CD that came out on Six Weeks and features the songs:

9. Defy False Authority
10. No Fight to Lose
11. Your Song

12. Futile
13. Pliant
14. That's Gonna Leave a Mark
15. The Muse
16. Useless
17. Eat Shit
18. Fight Club

Then there was the split with Bones Brigade on Still Holding On Records.

19. Wanna Play With Us?
20. Bad Breath
21. Colour Me Sadd

The split that came out with Under Pressure on Flowerviolence Records:

22. Advantage DFA
23. No Problem
24. Chad

The Let's Get Retarded" demo

25. Thank You
26. Hockey Hair
27. Could Be Worse
28. Punk Points

and the unreleased song:

29 New Enemy for Life

Now it's all collected on a CD released by Unrest Records – 10654 – 82 Avenue, Suite 239 / Edmonton, Alberta / T6E 2A7 / Canada /

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