Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unruled "Butchers of Warfare" CD

The CD is almost the same as the lp except it contains the “Time is Running Out” EP at the end. It sounds like they recorded the EP straight from a turntable because you can hear the needle drop and everything. I am sure there are better digital downloads out there of that ep, but the new line up does justice with their re-makes of the three songs. (Schizophrenic Records – 17 West 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada / The songs found on here are:
1. Butchers of Warfare
2. Clear the Pigs Out
3. Forced Mistake (2009)
4. Government Games
5. Heroin
6. Hypocriticals
7. Iraq Attack
8. Lost Cause (2009)
9. For Our Rights
10. Riot Squad
11. Screams of Fear
12. Time is Running Out (2009)
13. Unruled
14. Time is Running Out
15. Forced Mistake / Lost Cause

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