Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

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MOTHERFUCKERS - Mama Tried (Handsome Dan)

THE THROWAWAYS - Got a Problem (Handsome Dan)
FUCKED UP - I Don't Wanna Be Friends with You (Self-Released)
THE BAYONETTES - Stuck in this Rut (Deranged)
THE AVENGERS - I Want In (Lookout)
WHITE LUNG - 80,000 times (Deranged)
THE SWEET NOTHINGS - Girl Can't Help It (Primitive Air Raid)

SPECIALS - Concrete Jungle (Chrysalis)
ARSENALS - Hypocrite (Moonska)
OPERATION IVY - The Crowd (Lookout)
ONE NIGHT BAND - Way Back Home (Self-Released)
BAD BRAINS - Jah Calling (Roir)

RAYON BEACH - Comet Sings (Hozac)
BURNING YELLOWS - Urinal Cakes (Hozac)
THE LIMINANAS - I'm Dead (Hozac)
MODEY LEMON - Feed the Babies (A-F)
GUN CLUB - Sleeping in Blood City (Animal)

BLACK HAVEN - Gloom (Holy Shit)
TRAGEDY - To the Dogs (Tragedy)
FROM ASHES RISE - Divine Reich (Witch Hunt)

SOYLENT GREEN - Frank Discussion (Placebo)
WASTED YOUTH - Uni high Beef Rag (Restless)
VOID - Black, Jewish, and Poor (Dischord)
ANAL WARHEAD - Get Outta the Way (Loud Punk)
CULO - Solonium Suicide / Padded Cell (Self-Released)
GUINEA KID - Divine Breed (Not Normal Tapes)
WE THE LIVING - Fudge Ripple
URBAN ASSAULT - Join the Army

BOBBI SOX AND THE TEENAGE QUEERS - Learn to Hate in the 80s (Incognito)
WIRE - Just Don't Care (Harvest)
FEAR - Bomb the Russians (Restless)
RIK L RIK - Mercenaries (Get Back)
TESTORS - Bad Attitude (Swami)
GG ALLIN - Bite It You Scum (Reachout)
PANICS - Best band in Bloomington (Vulcher)
FEEDERZ - Jesus (Broken)
OUT WITH A BANG - Fucked Up (Criminal I.Q.)
OUTCASTS - Your a Disease (IT)
USERS - I'm in love with today (Raw)

Demo Feature
VACCINE - Rat Race (Self-Released)
VACCINE - Ward of the State (Self-Released)
VACCINE - Clear (Self-Released)
VACCINE - Family (Self-Released)
VACCINE - Murder (Self-Released)

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