Monday, May 24, 2010

Brutal Knights "Living By Yourself" CD

This is a collection of some Brutal Knights material. "Living by Yourself was released by Deranged as a 12" ep back on May 24, 2010. The songs on the LP is

1. Living by Yourself
2. Date with us
3. 2025
4. Boring City
5. Extreme Lifestyle '08
6. Anxiety
7. Suport Me
8. Feast of Shame
9. Are You Experienced?
10. I Wanna Die

P Trash has released a number of these songs as a picture disk in Europe with teh song "So Fat".

11. So Fat

The CD version of this release also contains the :

- "My LIfe, My Fault" ep released on Spin the Bottle Records

12. My Life, My Fault
13. Be My Babysitter
14. Done with Music
15. Bowling with Friends

- "Life Ain't Cool" ep released on RiffRaff Records

16. Life Ain't Cool
17. Burlesque is Horseshit
18. Fake Youth
19. Teach Me Sex

- "Terrible Evenings" ep on P Trash

20. Terrible Evenings
21. Vehicle Party
22. Le High Pointe
23. Beach Slam
24. Hard Candycock

and a song on a comp by P Trash called "Killed by Trash 2". these comps are covers and Brutal Knights did a Legionaires Disease song  "Rather See You Dead".

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