Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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AK47 – Guantanamo / I Don’t Give a Fuck (Reason)

BACKSLIDER – Nothing to Say (Blastcat)
COLD WAR – Witching Hour (Deep Six)
THE BASTARD NOISE – Movement Two (Deep Six)
HIP COPS – Chainsawed to Pieces (Vex)
CHAINSAW TO THE FACE – Swallow Your Tongue / Attrition (Blastcat)
LOW THREAT PROFILE – Ripe / the Product (Deep Six)
REPROACH – Scars (Deep Six)
VOETSEK – Spent Shells Tell No Tales (Deep Six)

STOOGES - TV Eye (Elektra)
CLASH - 1977 (CBS)
SEX PISTOLS - Somethin' Else (Virgin)
GUITAR WOLF - Jet Generation (Matador)
DEATH OF GODS - Side by Side (Hatebreeders)

INTENSIVES – Social Deviant (Longshot)
ROUGH STUFF – Out of Control (Longshot)
AIRES AND GRACES – Truth is Our Voice (Longshot)
SECRET ARMY – Dare (Daily records)
KNUCKLEHEAD – Hearts on Fire (Longshot)

THE SONICS - Strychnine (Norton)
MAD MIKE AND THE MANIACS - The Hunch (Killdozer)
THE LIVELY ONES - Surf Rider (Surf)
THE PRIMATES - Knock on My Door (Crypt)

DA! – Oh Boy! (Regressive)
TUTU AND THE PIRATES – I Got Zitz / Zombie Hoard (Regressive)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE – 4 Wall Hermit (Dr. Strange)
VIRULENCE – Spilling It Out (Southern Lords)
MDC – Absconding the Gate (No Label)
THE CONVERSIONS – No One is Watching (Ride, the Snake)

X - We're Desperate (Dangerhouse)
THE JAM - In the City (Polydor)

BORN AGAINST - (Kill Rock Stars)
DWARVES - Motherfucker (Sub Pop)
PROPAGANDHI - Anti Manifesto (Fat Wrechords)
LOS CRUDOS - Corrido Judido (Lengua Armada)

Demo Feature
SANGKAY - Gios Tawo (Self-Released)
SANGKAY - Full of Lies (Self-Released)
SANGKAY - Samok (Self-Released)
SANGKAY - Dimonyo Gobyerno (Self-Released)

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