Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview: Martha and the Muffins

Photo by Henry Martinuk, Edge - 1979

Martha Johnson and Mark Gane from Martha and the Muffins will join Henry Martinuk in conversation about the band’s early years. Henry is a filmmaker and a long time archivist of the Toronto punk scene, which includes going to high school with the drummer of M+M. Henry will discuss the early years of the band from the early days as a band from Richmond Hill to their OCA period. We hope to get into the nitty gritty of Oh Those Pants and Martha and the Muffins. Henry will be talking about shows at OCA, the Bev, the Horseshoe, and the Edge. And there should be some music from the era which may include the first Martha and the Muffins single to the Cads to the Government. Tune in from 10:00pm til midnight this Sunday on CIUT 89.5FM.

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