Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

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LOW THREAT PROFILE - Kick My Heart (Deep Six)

REDSKINS - Peasant Army (Insurgence)
CLASS ASSASSINS - Stop the World (Insurgence)
HOLD A GRUDGE - Time's Up (Insurgence)
AK 47 - Fuck Racism, Fuck Screwdriver, and Fuck You Too (Reason)
SEEIN' RED - Class War (Peculio Discos)

U.S. BOMBS - That's Life (Epitaph)
JERSEY - One Way Street (Virgin)
KING SIZED BRACES - Born Too Far (Squil Tone)
RIOT 99 - On the Tracks (Longshot)
CASUALTIES - Riot (Tribal War)

CRUDDY - Runnin' Rats (Let's Pretend / Basement Screams)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Wrong Direction (P Trash)
IGGY POP - I'm Bored (Arista)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Lindsay's Song (Self-Released)
TRANZMITORS - Plastic Genocide (Deranged)
NERVOUS TICS - California Girl (Meaty Beaty)

THE CLASH - One More Time (Bootleg)
BLACK FLAG - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Bootleg)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Let's Lynch the Landlord (Starving Missile)

MASSMORD - I Civilisationens Skugga (Vex)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - Let's Take the Fight to Them (Vex)
SHADES OF GREY - Throw the First Stone (Vex)
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL - Retaliation (World Funeral)
ANGUISH - Life Expense (World Funeral)

WARZONE - Dance Hard or Die (Caroline)
UNITY - Positive Mental Attitude (Wishing Well)
TOKEN ENTRY - The Whip (Roadrunner / Hawkeye)
WOLF PACK Bustin' Out (Bomp CP)
RAW DEAL - The Lines are Drawn (Self-Released)

PLANET DANGER - Ananias (Self-Released)
PLANET DANGER - Without Purpose (Self-Released)
PLANET DANGER - Searching for Answers (Self-Released)
PLANET DANGER - What I Despise (Self-Released)
PLANET DANGER - Life of Pain (Self-Released)

EDELWEISS PIRATEN - Manekiny (Trujaca Fala)

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