Friday, April 2, 2010

Abyss “Accursed Followers” demo

The songs on this release are:
ABYSS are a new local hardcore band taking some of the basics of the heavy Swedish crust sound that LEGION666 uses as an influence and taking it to the next level. They remind me a lot of DRILLER KILLER. You know that heavy scandi metal infused crust. It is big sounding, it is heavy and it is crushing. In fact it is hard to believe that this is a demo. This should have been an official release. And they do the obligatory DISCHARGE cover but they do it better than most D-beat bands. Write them at

1. To Conquer a Corpse
2. Accursed Followers
3. The Final Blood Bath
4. Purity Negation
5. Unburied
6. Coven of the Blood Stalker

7. Splatter House

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