Friday, April 23, 2010

Spastic Panthers / the Throwaways split ep

This is the SPASTIC PANTHERS second release and it picks up where the first left off. I have loved this band since their first release. The band features the guys from ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB being fronted by Dan Izzo of SHEGLANK’D SHOULDERS / MOTHERFUCKERS fame. That may not mean much to folks out in the east, but these guys have been part of the Calgary scene for a god part of the last decade. The PANTHERS capture four ragers of break neck hardcore. They remind me of a cross between the SPERMBIRDS and 7 SECONDS. Especialy the opening number “Punk you in the Dink”. “Volatile” has a bit more BLACK FLAG rage in it. All four songs garb your attention and hold you hostage. One of my new favourite bands. I am moving to Calgary.

Well the PANTHERS team up with a new local three piece. Local to Calgary anyway. The THROWAWAYS are a new garage punk band from Calgary. Not in the same vein but a neat pairing nonetheless. The THROWAWAYS, who are not to be confused with the shit-core outfit from Newmarket, play a fuzzed out lo fi garage punk. One of the women is singing and she brings back memories of Zoe from the BAYONETTES. Except the THROWAYS play less new wave and punk sounding stuff and more fast hardcore mixed with that garage sound. And their guitars are totally fuzzed in a blown out sort of way. The melodies are sung under a wall of fuzz and I can’t help but think of the EXPLODING HEARTS when I hear their side. Songs like “Pterodactyl Clap” and “Got a Problem?” are the rockers on this side. Songs like “Mikey Erg!” and “Summer Song” will be the one that you sing over and over again. And the guitars on “got a Problem?” has a real DEAD KENNEDYS feel to it. Anyway, a neat pairing that gives you some insight into a couple fo scenes in the Calgary scene. (Handsome Dan Records – 3244 – 31 A Avenue SE / Calgary, AB / T2b 0H9 / Canada /

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