Friday, February 26, 2010

Surrogate Activity demo

Juls, the former singer for Margaret Thrasher, switched coasts. She moved from Vancouver to St. John's. From what I can gather in her columns in MRR it was for work. This is her second band since moving there. The first was called Rumours which had some kind of reference to Fleetwood Mac. Surrogate Activity is along the lines of a mid-tempo punk band. Lots of melody. And they way that Juls sings reminds me a lot of the singer from Sofahead. Juls is also playing guitar in this band, as well. They are a three piece. Think of Dangerloves or the Bayonettes in execution. The songs on here are:
1. Graveyards
2. Breakfast
3. Cut Loose
4. Toronto
5. Open
6. Worry Cycle
7. Where This is Going
Here is the lyric sheet. Click on the images to pull up better versions to download.

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