Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sucio Poder demo

SUCIO PODER are a band from Melbourne Australia that features members of PISSCHRIST, SCHIFOSI, and SJN. They play a hybrid of sounds driven by their unique takes on things. They still do have a brooding sound in their TRAGEDY sort of way that comes from the SCHIFOSI side of the equation, but they are playing that mid paced punk that CRIMINAL DAMAGE has been developing. And it looks like they are singing in Portuguese. So this adds another element. With the language and the old school sound they have a retro feel, but there is a heaviness to their sound that doesn’t exist for their predecessors. It is murky and heavy like early DISCHARGE, but played at a punk pace. Great stuff. (Combat Action Tapes – 122 Argyle Street / Toronto, ON / M5V 2K8 / Canada) - SP

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