Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Resist Control demo

Resist Control are a brand new hardcore band from Buffalo. The band features Mike Gifford of RUNNING FOR COVER / SLAVE STATE fame. They take their name from the Born Against song, but they play a banrd of hardcore that is influenced by the power violence scene. Just blazing fast hardcore along the lines of RUNNING FOR COVER in that the music is played so fast that it sounds like it is about to fall in on itself. The bass is totally prominent and conjures up sentiments of PISSED HAPPY CHILDREN. This demo was recorded in April 2009 in the band's practise space. It is amazing sounding. The songs on here are:
1. Modern Times
2. Kill the News
3. Pale Imitation
4. Broken Eggs
5. Kleptocracy
6. Fallin' Apart
7. No Solution
8. Recipe for Success
9. Short Leash
10. Don't Want It
11. Act 1 Scene 1
12. John From
For more information about the band you can write Peterwalkee Records at 408 Richmond Avenue, Buffalo, NY / 14222 / USA or check out there website at www.resistcontrol.webs.com.


  1. It was actually a Life's Blood song that Born Against covered.

  2. You are right, but didn't Born Against grow out of Life's Blood.