Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rehashed "Code Black" CD

REHASHED is another crossover band fronted by Mike from DFA. REHASHED produce the same kind of blazing crossover that brought attention to DFA. Just manic crushing riff riding in the spirit of BEYOND POSSESSION, except this time there isn’t a bunch of other bands doing the same kind of hardcore. But I think it helped bring DFA back out of early retirement. Damn this continues to be great. Stop on a dime thrash that just pummels the listener.
The songs on here are:

1. If It's Not Broken, Break It
2. Amazing Grave
3. Without Warning
4. The High Cost of Living Rich
5. Good, That's Perfect
6. D-Beating a Dead Horse
7. The Adventure
8. Code Black
9. Luke's Song
10. Waste of Life
11. Darkness Destroyer
12. Five Stages of a Fist Fight

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