Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Existers "Depreciation" CD

The Existers were a first wave punk band from Toronto and they released an ep back in the day. They were on the show a few years ago and played a live set where they realized the interest in what they were doing, so they went back through their tapes and re-learned the songs from back then and recorded them in a studio. This CD is the result of a self-produced CD by the band and it sounds incredible. The songs that appeared on the ep are re-recorded along with 8 other tracks from back in the day. The songs found on here are:
1. Future Shock
2. Spadina
3. Telex Love
4. (I Don't Wanna) Talk About It
5. Cake
6. Responsible Men
7. I Can't See
8. Never Think Big
9. Enchanted Cottage
10. Lena