Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday February 21, 2010

DOA - Donnybrook (Sudden Death)

DOA - Billy and the Socreds (Sudden Death)
THE CLASH - Working for the Clampdown (Epic)
HANSON BROTHERS - Duke It Out (Alternative Tentacles)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Jock-O-Rama (Alternative Tentacles)
ANTI-DOGMATIKSS - Olipisme (Tralla)

TEENAGE HEAD - Love for Sale (MCA)
MINUTEMEN - Lost (Reflex)
NOT FUNNY ANYMORE - Sky Hook Coat Hanger (Jigsaw Laboratories)
PEGBOY - Fields of Darkness (1/4)
SHOTMAKER - Nick’s Question (Kung Fu / Manticore)

LION OF JUDAH - Astral Peace (Universal Peace)
NOW OR NEVER - Taken for Granted
RAH - It Won’t Last (Labelled)
DEATH THREAT - High for Now (Triple Crown)
H2O - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Self-Released)

JERK WARD - Knowledge (Supreme Echo)
TUTU AND THE PIRATES - Wham Bam Son of Sam
ULTRATUMBADOS - Auto Gesto (Southkore)
SCHOOL JERKS - Rent Boy (Cowabunga)
THE LADIES - Trashed (Cowabunga)

MEDICATION - Didn’t Wanna Know (Hozac)
MYELIN SHEATHS - Do the Mental twist (Hozac)
MICKEY - She’s so Crazy (Hozac)
KING KHAN AND THE BBQ SHOW - Shake Real low (In the Red)
THE FIRE JACKS - Tell that woman (Sin)

THE CLASH - Clash City Rockers (Bootleg)
CHUCK RAGAN - California Burritos (Side One Dummy)
GREG GEFFIN - The Highway (Epitaph)
TIM BARRY - Shoulda outta (Suburban Home)
SARAH BLACKWOOD - Trainwreck (Stomp)

Demo Feature
RESIST CONTROL - Modern Times (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - Kill the News (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - Pale Imitation (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - Broken Eggs (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - Kleptocracy (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - Fallin Apart (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - No Solutions (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - Recipe for Success (Self-Released)
RESIST CONTROL - Short Lease (Self-Released)

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