Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At Both Ends, Issues 9 and 10

This is a zine from Vancouver that I have never heard of before. It is unfortunate that I find out about this zine at the end of it’s life. This is the final issue of the zine and it combines Issue 9 and 10 together into a 142 page glossy zine. It is beautifully put together. There is full colour in a bunch of sections. The magazine is book bound and this is of coffee table stature. On top of that this package comes with a double 7” which has four bands each with a side. BANE and GRADE have new exclusive recordings and they team up with new bands UNRESTRAINED and BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY. This deserves it’s own review unto itself, but everything comes together in the finale of this publication. And the issues are split with a flip. The front cover reads one way and the back cover is issue 10 flipped on it’s end. The issue starts out with a tour diary of South America written by BANE. The next piece is an article on the van that ALL tours in. Now that doesn’t sound so exciting, but the piece was surprisingly interesting. There is an interview with Dave Larson from Excursion Records who also made the film Edge of Quarrel. I didn’t realize there was a big beef between him and Kent McClard, but this explains all the ads I used to see for Excursion Records in MRR and not HeartattaCk. There is a neat piece that collects reviews on SPARKMARKER. There was an interview with a vegan straight edge band from Rome called TO KILL. There is also an interview with the SAINTE CATHERINES from Montreal, who a lot of people have been digging. There is a piece on science fiction. And there is an interview with VERSE, who are a straight edge band from Providence, Rhode Island. There is a metal inspired band called A PERFECT MURDER, from Quebec that gets interviewed. Kyle Bishop, the singer of GRADE does a list of his favourite top 20 releases. There is an interview with SICK OF IT ALL. Ad the issue ends with a questions asked of some zine editors. Issue 10 starts out with an interview with SHAI HULUD, which I skipped. There is a piece on being vegan. There is an interview with Brian Clement who sings for a band called WAR BY OTHER MEANS. The interview is about Frontline Films, which is his film company he does. There is a great interview with a guy who masters vinyl on the process which is hugely fascinating. There is an interview with the Swedish band ANCHOR. Loads of material from Canada and loads of material on stuff involving straight edge. (atbothends.limitedpressing.com / info@atbothendsmagazine.com) - SP

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