Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Motherfuckers studio 3 session, 2016

Motherfuckers are a hardcore band from Calgary. They have been through Toronto a few times. We recorded them once before in 2008 back at the old St. George basement studio. The band has been on and off a few times and are back together and have even written a full length last year called "Relentless". They were in town and playing a show later tonight at the Bovine, but they squeezed in this session before the show. Dan, Shawn, and Tim recorded that session. Tim also drums in a band called the Pagans of Northumberland. Dan's other band, Spastic Panthers, have called it quits. But the major change to the Motherfuckers is that their guitarist Jay has left the band and been replaced by Matt. 

We recorded the following songs during this session:

1. Punk Rock Group Therapy
2. Designated Drinker
3. We Need More Beer
4. Once a Pig Always a Pig
5. Postal
6. I Wanna Be a Cop So I can Fuck You Up
7. Relentless
8. Cunter's Kegger
9. Rock 'n Roll Scumbag
10. Lies (a.k.a. Wizards Fuck Off)
11. Ode #7
12. Ordinary People
13. Winner's Circle
14. Streets of Distraction (The Freeze)
15. Rival Leaders (The Exploited)
16. EXD ID
18. Interview

Ian Wilkinson recorded this session and is good friends with Motherfuckers. At the last minute we found out that this session had to be recorded in the hallway. Painted walls without any sound insulation making for refracting sound. This was not our best recording and Ian was upset with how it came out. We hope to improve the upcoming sessions. 

This session was also captured on video by Punks and Rockers.

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