Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Motherfuckers studio 3 session

This is the second time Motherfuckers has appeared in a studio 3 session. The first was back in 2009 and the "I Wanna Be a Cop So I Can Fuck You Up" ep came out. We had just learned that over the many years of recording live loud bands in the broadcast studio, we had been doing damage to the wiring on the broadcast board. So this was the second time we recorded the session in the hallway outside of the broadcast studio. No sound isolation, everyone in one room and it turned out fine, which is partially because our sound engineer, Ian Wilkinson is a sound engineer and knows how to mic loud instruments so they don't bleed into each other. The band features Dan on vocals, Matt on guitar, Hunter on bass, and Tim on drums (who also moonlights in the Pagans of Northumberland). The Motherfuckers also had to play a set at the Bovine later this night so this wound up being one of the fastest sessions interview included. The songs we recorded were: 

1. Punk Rock Group Therapy 
2. Designated Drinker
3. We Need More Beer
4. Once a Pig Always a Pig
5. Postal
6. I Wanna Be a Cop So I Can Fuck You Up
7. Relentless
8. Cunter's Keggar
9. Rock 'n' Roll Scumbag
10. Lies (a.k.a. Wizards Fuck Off)
11. Ode #7
12. Ordinary People / Winner's Circle
13. Streets of Distraction (The freeze)
14. Rival Leaders (The Exploited)
14. Motherfuckers CIUT ID
15. Motherfuckers EXD ID

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