Sunday, April 3, 2016

Radio - Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

The show starts out with some original first wave and older sounding punk. Download the entire show here.

SLOBODANS UNDERGANG - Hög Standard (Sista Bussen)

BUZZARDS - Can't Get Used To Losing You
STARSHOOTER - Get Baque (Pathe)
MARK MALIBU AND THE WASAGAS - First Time Out (Self-Released)
THE FOX SISTERS - Right Hip Pocket (Reel Time)
THE TELEVISIONARIES - The Sun and You (Reel Time)
SOT HAEVN – Latterkick (Sot)
THE RUDE KIDS - Next Time I'll Beat Björn Borg (Sonet)

The offensive and noisey set.
THE DIRTIEST – It’s All Coming Back (Slovenly)
THE CHILD MOLESTERS – You Make Me Sick (Ace & Duce)
KILLDOZER – Farmer Johnson (Touch n Go)
NIG-HEIST – Balls of Fire (Thermidor)
FANG – Everybody Makes me Barph (Boner)

Rip it out and wake us up set
ANIMAL CRIMES - Lock Down (Self-Released)
AGGRESSION PACT - I’d Feel Nothing (Painkiller)
2 x 4 - Survive This Mess (Twerp)
ARMS RACE - Kill the Bill (Quality Control HQ)
BLOOD PRESSURE - Chronic Abuse (Even Worse / Way Back When)
CAUSTIC DEFIANCE - Who Are You? (Way Back When)
NEW BRIGADE - Ups and Downs (Six Feet Under)

TINA PEEL - Punk Rock Janitor (Sin)
THE METROS - Lay It On Me (Rip Off)
THE PUNKS - Quick One (Rave Up)
THE FALL-OUTS - About You (Super Electro)
THE LOVEDOLLS - Beer & Ludes (SST)

Runners Up to March 2016 Top 10
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - 13427 Cascade Ct., Corona, CA, 92880 (Self-Released)
TERMINAL NATION – Waste (Deep Six)
FRENOPATICSS - No al Servicio Militar (Vomitopunkrock)
THE UGLY - Screw the System (Ugly Pop)
THE TERMINAL FIVE - Against A Wall (Feel It)
GAUCHO - Desplacados (Iron Lung)
THE BLOW INS - Nieodebrane Polaczenia (Self-Released)
DOGTEETH – Possession (Self-Released)
TENEMENT – Vicious ( Cowabunga)

Top 10 - March 2016
10. ZEN LUNATICS - H.Y.U (Divs and Mason)
9. SILENT ORDER - Distraction (Konton Crasher)
8. BLOOD RUST - Sincerity for Sale (SPHC)
7. KOSZMAR - Nuklearna Supremacja (Konton Crasher)
6. MODERN PROBLEMS - Foolish Times (Not Like You)
5. KOHTI TUHOA - Voittojen Maksimointi (Svart)
4. DISSEKERAD - Ingen Väg Ut (Phobia)
3. CLOACA - Pig (Self-Released)
2. HARD SKIN - The Bovver Boys Don't Bother Anymore (JT Classics)
1. TORSO - No Commonality (Sorry State)

New band from Montreal that takes some cues from S.H.I.T. You can find their demo on Run State's bandcamp page.

DRIP - Death Dealers (Run State)
DRIP - Unleash (Run State)
DRIP - Coaxers (Run State)
DRIP - Heavy Feet, Sunken Eyes (Run State)
DRIP - Egghead (Run State)

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