Sunday, April 24, 2016

Radio – Sunday April 24th, 2016

The Ramones released their first LP on April 23rd, 1976, 40 years ago yesterday. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here.

RAMONES – Judy is a Punk (Sire)

We recorded a new local band called SAGO on January 17th, 2016. They are an awesome band with a self-released demo out titled “City Wide Garbage Strike” which came out in November of last year. SAGO is opening up for DS-13 on May 17th at Coalition T.O. That’s a show not to miss. We are going to start out with a song called “Ignorant Shit”.

SAGO – Ignorant Shit (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Antipathy (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Accusations (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Fukk the Cops (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Capitol Punishment (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Throwaway (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Faceless Criminals (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – In Harm’s Way (CIUT)
SAGO – Interview (CIUT)
SAGO – Squeeler (CIUT)

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Buffalo called Radiation Risks. There is a write up in the May issue of MRR. This is for fans of VCR and the DEAD MILKMEN with new wave flourishes a la ROMEO VOID or THE STRANGLERS. This is dirty garage core in the vein of DEAN DIRG. You can download this recording at the label's bandcamp page.

RADIATION RISKS – Acid Fantasy #1 (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – This (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – The Purse (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – This and That (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – Prayers (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – A Man About Town (More Power Tapes)
RADIATION RISKS – Sea of Love (More Power Tapes)

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