Sunday, April 17, 2016

Radio - Sunday April 17th, 2016

In fundraising tradition we start off by playing name that tune with DJ Brown from the Prophesy as he used to be a ska DJ prior to becoming a junglist. We look for a ska like cover done by a hardcore or punk band. We chose a recent cover of the Slickers done by DOA. Please donate to CIUT at You can download a copy of the show here

DOA – Johnny Too Bad (Sudden Death)

SHEXD is one of the most popular segments on the show, so we start out by paying tribute to the multiple nuggets of programming they are involved in that have spun off into other things on the show and for that we are grateful. The CURSE because Mickey Skin showed up for the first ever SHEXD, STRANGLED because Zoe tipped us off to this new band from Edmonton, and OUTCRY because the singer was involved in the most recent instalment of SHEXD. That is a small list of contributions. Check out the –SHEXD tag for more of Chloe, Zoe, Sarde, and Marji’s contributions because they are many

THE CURSE - Shoeshine Boy (Hi Fi)
STRANGLED - White Noise (Crude City)
OUTCRY – Chatter (Self-Released)

We often pull together sets of bands love for radio. Here is a set that expresses pun band’s thought on radio starting off with

THE JOLTS – Radio man
THE UGLY – Hell Time (Other Peoples Music)

Last week we played a new band from Vancouver called VILEINS featuring Shawn Lovblom, who used to sing in the Reprobates. We don’t often get listener feedback so I thought I would share what he wrote. “Thanks for the airtime, I'm loving the soviet theme you've been doing, I've been really getting into a Russian band called Knho, with Victor Tsoi. not exactly hard stuff but I do like it. Anyways, I'm stuck working many hours for a couple more weeks, then I can catch up on all the good programming from you. Thanks for all you do.” That was nice to hear.

Also last week we heard from a Jose who did translation for us with Arrabio and Adictox from Cuba and is also a listener of the show. He wrote to thank us for the feature we did on Colombia. He started messaging with the singer from Secta Suicida who knew the bands and said it was a solid playlist. Then he heard his band being played, which is one of those once in a lifetime moments. We learned of a number of partnerships going on between Montreal and Colombia like Malokio just getting back from touring there and Parasites heading down and doing a slit release with Secta Suicida. These partnerships seem unique to the punk scene. Jose is originally from Mexico and he agreed to put together a show on Mexico, which we have started planning. That will air in the next few months. The research has begun. In the meantime here are a few early punk bands from Mexico

DANGEROUS RHYTHM - The Bar (Orfeon Videovox)
SIZE – Strategy (Rock n Roll Circus)
REBEL’D PUNK - Mi Nueva NaciĆ³n (Discos Cobra)

The live studio 3 sessions are such a big component to the show. Shawna has been in with Arson on January 5th, 2011, Sluts on 45 on September 17th, 2013 and Artificial Dissemination on June 3rd,2015. And Jamie has been in with the Rezentments on January 21st, 2014, and with Artificial Dissemination on June 3rd, 2014. I asked both about their experiences with the sessions.


Vince was in on July 10th, 2013 with Make No Gains and more recently with the Katatonix on March 15th, 2016. Vince also talked about what being on CIUT has meant for getting connected with the scene. We played a yet to be aired song b the Katatonix.

LEATHER UPPERS – Supercar (Past It)
RADIO STARS - Dirty Pictures (Chiswick)
LIGHTMARES – Money Woes (Self-Released)
WAYOUTS – No Time (Wayout)

To go out with we rhymed off many things that we have broadcast in the last couple of months which included:
-an interview with Tony Rettman who wrote “Why Be Something That You’re Not” and “NYHC” on March 27th.
- an interview with Freddy Pompeii on February 28th
- an interview Ben Needham of X45 about the “Make Me Sick” fest in Hamilton on January 24th.
- the annual punk christmas show on December 20th hosted by Dave Stevenson
- We will be airing an interview with Geoff Pevere about “Gods of the Hammer”
- We will air an interview with FUCK YOU PAY ME from Cleveland

SECTA SUICIDA - Crisis de Identidad (Discos MM)
SCHLEIM KEIM - Abfallprodukte Der Gesellschaft (Aggressive Producktions)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Loss Leader (Six Weeks)

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