Sunday, April 10, 2016

Radio - Sunday, April 10th, 2016

We started off with Grand Malota who are from Panama and we heard the song “La Voz de Los Muertos” and we played them because the Panama papers were easily the most newsworthy story of the week with the revelations of all these rich people hiding their money in tax evasion schemes. We have already seen the Prime Minister of Iceland resign and David Cameron is implicated through his father. There are ten other heads of state in trouble so we will see how this story pans out. Listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

GRAND MALOTA - La Voz de Los Muertos

GAWKER - Peeping Tommy Boy (Fat Man Looking Through a Tiny Window (Calgary)
VILEINS – Stress Attack (Self-Released)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Water Monopoly
KOSZMAR – Rozkaz
JAVLA – Inheritance

L.I. - Night Fever (Deranged)
TV FREAKS – D.V.O.T. (Schizophrenic)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS – One Wasted Year (Taken By Surprise)
DISASTERBATERS – Get You Off My Mind (Self)
TON TON MACOUTES – Oh No (Slovenly)

THE ADICTS – Straightjacket (Abstract)
THE UNDERTONES – You've Got My Number (Salvo)
MODERNETTES – Teen City (Sudden Death)
THE DICKIES – Paranoid (A&M)
NERVOUS TALK – Way To Go (Hosehead)

I was reading an interview in the latest issue of MRR with Ricardo Melendez about the Punk scene in Colombia in an article titled “Bogota Punk” It is the first of a three part series. But in the interview Ricardo writes about some of the early bands and about the bands to follow. COMPLOT were the first self-designated punk band to come out and play. They were from Medellin and they covered the BUZZCOCKS’ song “Love Battery”.

COMPLOT - Love Battery (Bootleg)

A compilation came out in 1988 called “El Cartel del Punk Medallo” which features so many great hardcore bands from Medellin at the time

I.R.A. - Funesta diversion (Self-Released)
DESADAPTADOS - Un Paso Mas (Punkema)
P-NE – No Mas Classes (Grabaciones con las uñas)
SOCIEDAD VIOLENTA - Frutos Podrido (Grabaciones con las uñas)
RESISTENCIA - Factor Raza Humana ((Grabaciones con las uñas)
LIBRE - Viviendo en un Mundo Fachista (Grabaciones con las uñas)
LOS SUZOX - 4 Perros (Self-Released)

When asked about who was the most pioneering bands were Ricardo said Morgue and La Pestlilencia so here are songs by each of those bands

LA PESTILENCIA – Fango (Mort Discos)
MORGUE – Dejenme

Morgue were from Bogota and were the long lasting band surviving as a band for 22 years. Their songs were critical and they sang about life in the city. The family tree image on the side come from a blog called Blog Anti and became a huge resource for researching punk in Colombia.

In the mid-90’s a compilation came out by bands from Bogota called “El Bogotazo” which featured four bands on it.

DESARME - Puta Democracia (Sancore)
DEMENCIA LIBERTARIA – Suramerica (Sancore)

FERTIL MISERIA - Inteligencias Muertas (Self-Released)
INDIGENCIA MORAL - Indigencia Moral (Self-Released)
POLIKARPA Y SUS VICIOSAS – No al Servicio Militar (Self-Released)

EX-KOMBRO - No Seas Victima (Bajo Perfil)
KONTRAORDEN – Dinero (Self-Released)
ANTI TODO – Colombia (Self-Released)
SECTA SUICIDA - Largo Viaje (Discos MM / Rat Trap)
DEAD HERO – Traicionados. (Discos MM)

The documentaries will be available soon at www.bogotopunkdocumental. A trailer for the video can be found at

OBLIVIONATION - Cult Of Culture (Hardware / Man in Decline)
NUEVA FUERZA - Cuerpo Inerte (Discos Enfermos)
MACHO BOYS - Slam (Decadence) (Self-Released)
RULETA RUSA - Me Dan Asco (Discos MMM)
RADIATION RISK – This and That (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band featuring members of Vacant State, Big Crux and others. Sorry State described the tape as "a band out of the west coast of Canada who play a kind of rock-inflected hardcore punk. Despite some very gruff vocals that remind me of 86 Mentality or Ebro from Punch in the Face, the music is super catchy to the point where you could almost call it garage-punk... I'm old so I'm apt to compare the music to something like Social Circkle or Regulations, but younger people probably have more recent reference points of bands who play a similar style (maybe even Coneheads or Cal and the Calories?). Regardless, the combination of the gruff, tough-sounding (yet still really catchy) vocals and the more overtly melodic music is a real winner and bound to please anyone into either catchy 80s-sounding hardcore or some of catchier bands in the recent oi!-inflected hardcore style."

CHEAP APPEAL – No Work Today (Self-Released)
CHEAP APPEAL – Nothing to Offer (Self-Released)
CHEAP APPEAL – Panic (Self-Released)
CHEAP APPEAL – Sensory Overload (Self-Released)
CHEAP APPEAL – Complete Degenerate (Self-Released)

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