Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sid's Kids studio 3 session

Sid's Kids are a punk band featuring Cleave Anderson on drums and Marcel laFleur and John Sutton on guitar and bass from Arson. The band is similar to the Screwed in that they focus on early punk classics. This group is a bit of a session band set up to host a punk / new wave night and have involved quite a few players from Toronto's early waves of punk. The band does some covers like the Damned's "Born to Kill" and the Saints "(This) Perect Day". Covers by local artists include:

Mickey Skin singing the Curse's song "Shoeshine Boy",

Chris Haight singing for Zoom and Viletones songs "Sweet Desperation" and "Does She Jump".

Fergus Hambledon sings and plays guitar on A Passing Fancy's "I'm Losing Tonight" and the Basics' "I Can't Help"

Barrie Farrell sings and plays guitar on the Existers "Never Think Big".

There is also an interview done with the group. One of my realizations in doing this interview is that this is a special group of people. The first wave of Toronto punks have remained to be active as a scene which is something I have noticed in other scenes. It is pretty special and continues to impact our scene in many ways. The other thing that needs to be said is that Cleave Anderson is the glue behind so many of these projects and his energy is infectious.

The session was recorded and cleaned up by Jon Hawkes.

Aldo filmed the session and it is amazaing what he was able to catch. Here is a link to the Punks and Rockers youtube channel

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