Thursday, November 1, 2012

MRR Review - Herd of Wasters "Just three dudes havin' a real good time!" dbl ep

Herd of Wasters ae a new band from Saskatchewan that features a member from the recently disbanded Anti Social Club who were from Calgary. This new band self-released this double single and it was slammed in the November issue (#354) of MRR.

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  1. MRR surprisingly took all those lyrics very literally. Misogynistic? Far from the truth. Pleasured by under-aged girls, even further from the truth. As many other bands do (some filthier lyrics than others) the Herd pokes fun at certain aspects of society while also writing about staying young and having innocent, everyday fun. I believe the title of the album should have given that away. What's wrong with taking a lighter side of life instead of focusing on the negative? Every member of the Herd has been or is still in a band that has pointed out serious issues in their lyrics. It was time to feel young and stupid and take a different approach. One thing I don't get is the 'dis' on the physical description of the album. Not D.I.Y. enough? I'd be interested what this particular reviewer would have to say about a GWAR or Dayglo Abortions album. This one doesn't even come close to being as filthy.