Monday, November 19, 2012

Radio - Sunday November 18th, 2012

This is Equalizing-X-Distort, the two hour hardcore punk show from Toronto that broadcasts live on CIUT 89.5FM every Sunday night. This is the program for Sunday November 18th, 2012 in which we played the likes of Gang of Four, the Real Kids, the Spits, Adrenalin O.D., Motorhead, the Crumbsuckers, the Ramones, and so many others. The demo feature is Word on the Street who are from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Click here to download the file. 

HOAX - Skills or Death (Self-Released)

BILL BONDSMEN - Things Fall Apart (Self-Released)
VALSE TRIST - Takuukorjaus (Kamaset Levtt / Roku / Popo's Bistro)
NOMEANSNO - Wake Up (Ant Acid Audio)
GANG OF FOUR - At home he feels like a tourist (Strange Fruit)
CAREERS IN SCIENCE - Rockets! (Self-Released)
TEENANGER - Bank Account (Telephone Explosion)

DEKODER - Like Men (Self-Released)
VAPID - Take a walk, baby (Nominal / Deranged)
DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - Blue Cage (Residue)
PUNK LOREX - Liittoudutaan (Kamaset Levtt)
SUICIDAS - Hoy No (Kamaset Levtt)

WRECKLESS ERIC - Whole Wide World (Rhino)
REAL KIDS - All Kindsa Girls (Norton)
NO BUNNY - Boneyard (1234 Go)
SONIC AVENGERS - Television Youth (Dirtnap)
SPITS - Life of Crime (Thrift Store)

ADRENALIN O.D. - A.O.D. vs. Son of Godzilla (Buy our records)
MOTORHEAD - Ain't my crime (GWR)
CRUMBSUCKERS - Bullshit society (Combat)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Bad Choice (High Anxiety)
VINCAS - Black Mountain (Douche Master)

RAYDIOS - Bad Signal (Self-Released)
SLOBS - Chronic Disease (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Duped (Self-Released)
CRUTCHES - Shit Storm (Self-Released)
SNAKEPIT - Collapse (Self-Released)

RAMONES - Judy is a Punk (Norton)
MONO MEN - Boss (Estrus)
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS - Action Time Vision (Hangman)
CRAMPS - Cornfed Dames (Big Beat)
UNNATURAL AXE - The Creeper (Redrum)

ZYANOSE - Envy (Nose Noise)
EVIL ARMY - Severe Metal Disorder (Get revenge)
MONDO GEKO - Secret Sector (Hit Time)
INSULT - We don't give a fuck (Balouski)
COPS - Water Polo Massacre (Self-Released)
GEORGE HARRISON - Maho dickhead fuckin' pig
CYBORG - Past Denier (Self-Released)
CONVERGE - Trespasses (Deathwish Inc)
BLACK AGE - Apathy (Self-Released)
HAIL OF RAGE - the feeling is mutual (Anomie)
HATE UNIT - Old school or no school (Thrash 'n Burn)
SOME CHICKEN - Blood on the wall (Damaged goods)
OLD FEARS - Bertolome de la Casas (Self-Released)
NERV - inside out (Self-Released)
HEKTOMBE - Sobras (Indmita)
JUST DIE - Nothing Personal (Self Aware)

Demo Feature
WORD ON THE STREET - Rise to the Challenge  (Crackin Up / Blank Stare)
WORD ON THE STREET - Cut to the Chase  (Crackin Up / Blank Stare)
WORD ON THE STREET - H.R.M. Mayhem  (Crackin Up / Blank Stare)
WORD ON THE STREET - Steppin' out of line  (Crackin Up / Blank Stare)
WORD ON THE STREET - Freedom of choice  (Crackin Up / Blank Stare)
WORD ON THE STREET - Round of Applause  (Crackin Up / Blank Stare)

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