Monday, November 12, 2012

Radio - Sunday November 11th, 2012

This is the Rembrance day show on Equalizing-X-Distort so we started out with a Sudden Impact song that is taken from the World War memorial statues in Toronto. We started off with a set of songs that look at the subject of war with Crass, Discharge, and DRI. Then the first of two tributes to Not Dead Yet fest with commentary on things that happened at the Negative Approach show on the first night and the power violence show on teh saturday night. There was a set of new Finnish hardcore. And there was loads of classics from Devo to Black Flag to Anti-Schism. Truncheons from Montreal were featured in our demo feature. Click here to listen to the show.

SUDDEN IMPACT - To Our Glorious Dead (Diabolic Force / Marquee)

CRASS - Major General Despair (Crass)
DISCHARGE - The Realities of War (Clay / Captain OI!)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Headline Hunters (Fringe)
NEGATIVE GAIN - Life's Uncertain (Pusmort)
DRI - Argument then War (Death) (Death)

URBAN BLIGHT - False Truths (CIUT)
TOTAL TRASH - Josef K (Deranged)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Chaos (Reptilian)
SOUTH END - Boycott (Unreleased)
PUNK LOREX - Neiti C (Kamaset Levtt)

RIPTIDES - Punk Girl Punk Boy (Goblin)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - Don't Darlene (Cargo)
FOLK FESTIVAL MASSACRE - Information (High School Champiion)
VAPIDS - Lucy Potato (Double Hell)
WESTON - Just like Kurt (Gern Bladsten)

VACCINE - Constant War (Cut the Cord that ...)
COLUMN OF HEAVEN - After the Mission (SPHC)
VILE INTENT - Brace (Diseased Audio)
PURITY CONTROL - Insect Politics
GAS CHAMBER - Comfort Food (Warm Bath)
IRON LUNG - Prison Medical Officer (625 Productions / Out of Limits)

DEVO - Mongoloid (Warner)
HEARTBREAKERS - Pirate Love (Bomp)
FEAR - I don't care about you (Slash)
BAD BRAINS - Fearless Vampire Killers (Roir)

BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE - Kaksi Kaupinkia (Kamaset Levtt)
TERVEET KADET - Rajatila (Kamaset Levtt)
BACKLASH - Hope of Soul (Kamaset Levtt / Tampere Hardcore Coalition)
MAAILMANLOPPU - L.O.P.P.U. (Kamaset Levtt)
LAPINPOLTHAJAT - Eheytsterapiaa (Kamaset Levtt)

REAGAN YOUTH - Degenerated (New Red Archives)
ANTI-SCHISM -Greedy Bastard (Allied)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Proud to be Canadian (Fringe)
WHITE FLAG - Don't give it away (Bomp)
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER - Reach for the bottle (Too Many)

Demo Feature
TRUNCHEONS - Onslaught of War (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - Cashing in on Freedom (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - Dark Age (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - Killing Fields (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - New #2 (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - Holy War (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - No Silence (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - Blow it all to hell (Self-Released)
TRUNCHEONS - Mind control (Self-Released)

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