Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review - Purity Control “Adjusting” ep

PURITY CONTROL is a great new hardcore band from Toronto that live in the power violence arena which is a place I like to dwell. The band features Payson who originally played in this little known band from Truro, Nova Scotia called CAPITAL DEATH. They were incredible and each of the band members have gone on to play in incredible bands (CAREER SUICIDE and the ENDLESS BLOCKADE to name two). Other members in this band moonlight in S.H.I.T. and ABYSS so the talent of this band is nothing to take lightly. They are power houses in their own right and when they get together they make this short sharp bursts of anger reminiscent of CROSSED OUT with the heavy bass driven structures found in PISSED HAPPY CHILDREN. These are cues from the some of the pillars in the power violence scene but the unrelentless speed at which songs like “Dear Life” are played at make you realize that this sound has been brought up to date. In fact, I have heard this described as breakneck bludgeoning music which I tend to think is accurate of the pace and heaviness at which PURITY CONTROL play. This recording was mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth of ORCHID fame so that is something of note to all you Y2K emo violence followers. And if you like their recordings you really should see them live. (http://puritycontrolhc.bandcamp.com/)

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